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Policy – Constitution, Appointment to the Board Policy

Important planning and other strategic documents are available here.

The Constitution safeguards the future of the Centre’s land and building as a place that supports the needs of Featherston and South Wairarapa. An associated policy is used to appoint trustees to the Board.

Constitution of the Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust 

Policy for Appointment of FCC Board Members

We strive for a Board that reflects the diversity of the community and the needs of the Trust. There are nine board positions and provision to co-opt 2 additional members. We currently have two vacancies. Interested? Please contact the board chair, Emily Greenberg at 06 308 6572 for information.


Please also see our Health & Safety PolicyZero Tolerance Policy & Complaints Policy.


Planning – Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan describes the priorities the Board must focus on to achieve the purpose of the constitution.

Please see our latest Strategic Plan at November 2016


Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Agenda Papers for 2016 AGM: Annual Report for 2016 including the Financial Statement and Statement of Service Performance.

Reports from 2015 AGM:  Annual Report 2015 and Minutes 2015


House Meetings

These meetings in 2013 and 2014 were an opportunity for our current and new providers and Centre users, and the larger community, to come together and network, identify and build on current strengths and establish our own solutions to local issues. For more information on the next House Meeting and to join our mailing list, please contact the Manager.

-  #01 – FCC House Meeting – 14/05/2013 (PDF)
-  #02 – FCC House Meeting – 13/04/2014 (PDF)

Positively Featherston

Working together with businesses, community groups, tourism and the larger community to promoting the positive side of Featherston!

-  #01 – Positively Featherston Meeting Minutes – 25/06/2014 (PDF)
-  #02 – Positively Featherston Meeting Minutes – 23/07/2014 (PDF) 
-  #03 – Positively Featherston Meeting Minutes – 20/08/2014 (PDF) 

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