Thursdays 18:00-19:00
Saturdays 09:15-10:15

Kauri Room
5 classes @ $60

Rupert Watson

027 5853822

Rupert Watson


I’ve been doing regular classes at the community centre since coming to Featherston 6 years ago. I’m trained in the Feldenkrais method of movement education, which is different from conventional exercise systems like yoga, Pilates and the gym. (It’s easier!) I enjoy my Featherston students and classes enormously – such a lovely, lively bunch of real people. Of course it would be nice if more came, especially men. They need this sort of thing most!

What’s special about what I do is that it enables you to get free of habitual patterns, so that new and better ways of moving, feeling and acting can emerge. On the way you improve your posture and flexibility, and many common aches and pains disappear. You feel rejuvenated and more at peace with both the world and yourself. Not bad for an hour a week.