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The primary focus of a relational group is to provide a structure within which all participants are able to experience – perhaps for the first time in their lives – a positive and profoundly new way of being with others that welcomes and celebrates everyone’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and unique experiences and perspectives, while consciously challenging any prejudices or preconceptions we may hold about ourselves or each other. This is achieved by an open-ended welcoming exploration of; personal discoveries by each member about themselves as they begin to tune in, open up and give voice to their internal and external worlds, inter-personal (heart-felt) responses that each member experiences (and are experienced by) other members of the group, and the trans-personal emergence of how the group as a whole (and also extending into the wider community) develops and becomes a mutually nourishing ‘life of its own’.Some feedback:

“I attended 10 sessions (approx) and if I could sum up my experience in a few words it would look like this…. “Interesting”, “Encouraging”, “Uncomfortable”, “Comfortable”, “Familiar”, “Unfamiliar”, “Confusing”, “Satisfying”, “Inspiring”, “Frustrating” and “Confronting”.

I believe the group provides an opportunity to create connections between people, a chance for people (who come from all walks of life) to connect through conversation, not always sharing the same opinions or views, but fundamentally committed to personal happiness for themselves and for the people around them.

I am keen to continue to create strong connections and break down barriers by joining the Featherston Relational group.”

“Since attending the groups I feel more able to speak my truth without worrying about others approval or appreciation.”

“I enjoyed working through relational dynamics with honesty, humour, and integrity.”