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Signing of partnership agreement!

Kia ora

Fab Feathy recently signed the five-year community-led development partnership with Department of Internal Affairs. Thank you to Martine Bijker and Rebekah Mehrtens for organizing the Fab Feathy & First Friday’s February Fiesta, and making it possible for us to celebrate this signing and opportunity with our community!



It was awesome to see community members, of all ages, supporting the opportunity and signing their names on a canvas to “support community-led develop initiatives in Featherston to shape ‘Our Future Featherston’ together.”

Fab Feathy expect to be recruiting for the role of Community-led Development Co-ordinator in March. Please keep an eye out on our project page for details on how to apply, as well as through other local forums. We will be finalising details of what skills and commitment are needed at the beginning of March when we hear the outcome of our first Community-led Development Programme funding request to DIA.

We are looking forward to working together with the community, and getting some great community-led initiatives off the ground in 2018!

If you would like about the community-led partnership with DIA, go to There you can also check out the principles of community-led development, and have another read of the Our Future Featherston Community Plan. You can also find hard copies of the Community Plan at the Featherston Community Centre and the Featherston Library.

Fab Feathy Community-led development.

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Join us for the signing of the partnership agreement!

Kia ora

Fab Feathy invite you all to join us for the Fab Feathy & First Friday’s February Fiesta, 2 February, at the Squircle, to celebrate the signing the five-year community-led development partnership with Department of Internal Affairs. Featherston First Friday have invited Fab Feathy so that we can celebrate this opportunity for Featherston with our community.

We wanted to find a way that the community could be included in the signing as well, and so we will invite community members, of all ages, to sign their names on a large canvas with text along the lines of:

“We support community-led develop initiatives in Featherston to shape ‘Our Future Featherston’ together”

After the event the canvas will be further decorated by one or more local artists and it will eventually hang in the office of the future Fab Feathy coordinator.

We’d love to see you there and for you to show your support by signing the canvas. We are looking forward to working together with the community, and getting some great community-led initiatives off the ground in 2018!

To find out more about the event, go to facebook on Fab Feathy & First Friday’s February Fiesta. Hope to see you there!

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Good News Featherston!

Kia ora

Fab Feathy’s application to the Community-led Development Programme was successful! We recently met with DIA, and the feedback on our application was that it was a straightforward decision for the Crown Panel. Awesome work Featherston!

Seven out of the nine communities that were invited to apply in the September round were selected. This is in addition to the five selected in the open round in March 2017. So, Featherston, we are one of twelve communities in the country to be selected for this programme. Resilient Carterton was also selected, for two years. This a great outcome for the Wairarapa Region.

Featherston has been selected for five years – this tells us the Crown Panel and DIA are very confident that our community has a robust plan and willingness to work together to achieve our shared aspirations. Of course, we already knew this but now we have some resourcing to get things done!

We wanted to give you a sense of next steps and likely timeframes for getting things happening with the community-led partnership with DIA. For those of you that like more detailed explanation please refer to What next and what kind of support is available , otherwise, the following outlines the next steps for the Fab Feathy Community-Led Development Project:

  • Fab Feathy is currently working to draft a five-year partnership agreement with DIA for the Community-Led Development (CLD) Programme.
  • The focus of the CLD Programme Partnership is “Communities Working Together”, following the principles of community-led development, to achieve shared visions and goals.
  • Fab Feathy will remain the steering/governance group in the establishment phase of the partnership, holding the relationship with DIA. We will co-opt further members from the community as appropriate/needed. The intention is to set up a stakeholder group for those also involved in the community space in Featherston.
  • Our approach will be consistent with that outlined in the Our Future Featherston Community Plan plan and in our application to the CDL Programme. A copy of Fab Feathy’s CLDP Application is attached.
  • We intend to employ either one full-time coordinator or a couple of part-time coordinators by the end of February 2018. When we are in a position to, we will advertise the role within the community.
  • The coordinator/s and Fab Feathy’s role as we go forward will be to facilitate and support the community (with stakeholders) to work together towards shared aspirations.
  • We hope to organise a community event in February 2018 to celebrate being selected and formalising a partnership with the DIA.
  • We aim to hold the first of our planned quarterly community meetings by the end of March 2018. Fab Feathy and the coordinator/s will facilitate discussions at this meeting about what community projects to get started on. We hope to get the first community projects off the ground early- to mid-2018.
  • Some funding is available. There is no set dollar value that comes with being selected. We will need to apply to the CLD Programme Crown Panel for project funding and each proposal will be considered on its merits. It will be the role of the coordinator/s to manage the submission process. DIA will work with the coordinator/s, Fab Feathy and the community to support us to prepare each proposal.
  • Key factors we will need to cover off for any funding proposal are: what outcomes we are wanting; evidence of community mandate for the proposal; what resources the community (and stakeholders) are contributing to the project; the plan for future sustainability; whether there are other, more appropriate, sources of funding (e.g. Lotteries Community Facilities).

Fab Feathy
(Fab Feathy: Liz Mellish; Alan Maxwell; Mark Shepherd; Phil Dittmer; Kara Pennington; Siv Fjaerestad; Sarah Taylor-Waitere)

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Collecting information about skills & interests

Kia ora

Thanks again to all the people who came along to the community meeting at Kiwi Hall 27 August. It was a great turnout and such a positive vibe. We are so proud of Featherston right now! Here’s hoping this translates to us being selected to partner with them under the Community-Led Development Programme. We will know the outcome of our application by the end of October 2017.

To keep the ball rolling, lets continue on with the development of the community Skills & Interests Register. The Register was an idea from the Fab Feathy afternoon tea on 28 May.

The Register will be a record of the skills, interests, resources/time that individual community members are happy to contribute to ensure that our vibrant town can reap the benefits of community-led development approach.

For community-led development to be successful we will need many people working together. The Register will help to better target requests for voluntary support with available skills in town.

Please let us know how you can contribute your skills and time by e-mailing with your responses to below questions (just copy, paste, fill in and e-mail us):


Contact number:


(e.g. main street; cycle-ways; youth; community events; public art)


(e.g. baking; graphic design; legal expertise; communications/marketing; web design; carpentry; driving; labouring; public speaking; fund raising)


(e.g. I am happy to come along to working bees on the weekends; I am happy to do put up posters around town; I am happy to provide sponsorship; I am happy to draft a proposal while I am commuting on the train; I can do printing of flyers; I have an amp and speakers that could be used for community meetings)

The responses you provide will be collated to develop the Skills and Interests Register. The Register will not be published or made publicly available. The intention, however, is that the Register is a community resource and so the information in it will be made available on request to people connected with community-led development projects.

We look forward to hearing from you!

on behalf of Fab Feathy
(Fab Feathy: Liz Mellish; Alan Maxwell; Mark Shepherd; KaraPennington; Siv Fjaerestad; Sarah Taylor-Waitere)

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Community Meeting, 27 August

The Featherston community did it again – we turned up in spades to Kiwi Hall and showed our love and belief in our place and our community. And this in spite of the meeting falling smack bang in the pre-Sunday-dinner-lull and there being at least another 3 community events on the very same day!

The purpose of the meeting was for DIA to gauge whether or not Featherston is ready to be selected for the CLD Programme. The focus of the CLD Programme is “Communities Working Together”, following the principles of community-led development, to achieve shared visions and goals. The meeting was requested by DIA as a result of the recent application for Featherston to be selected for five years of partnership/investment, from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)’s Community-Led Development Programme, to achieve our community goals. The application drew on the recently developed community plan. If selected, Featherston will be able to access support and funding to achieve share community goals for up to five years.

The five principles of Community-led development are:

  • shared local goals driving action and change
  • using existing strengths and assets
  • many people and groups working together
  • building diverse and collaborative local leadership
  • adaptable planning and action informed by outcomes

We will have our fingers and toes crossed while waiting for the outcome. In the meantime we are continuing to develop our Skills and Interests register. Let us know what are your talents and time that you are wanting to contribute to Featherston’s goals (email us at ). We will be sure to be back with as update as soon as we have some news.

Thank you to the lovely people from DIA who traveled far to came to our town on this Sunday night to talk to the Featherston community.

Thank you to everyone who attended, for your generosity of ideas and support, and to all of the Featherston community, for the multitude of amazing community-led development projects that are already taking place and the level of participation and support that you have provided in the surveys, activities, noticeboards and meetings & events.

Special thanks to supporters and sponsors, including Tracey Shepherd for advisory support, Wairarapa REAP for projector hire, Featherston Supervalue for milk & cookies, Brenda West for organising the hall, Martine Bijker for poster design, Tiff North for slide show, Amy & Sue for helping to set up the meeting, and all the volunteers who lent a hand clean up after the meeting.

The Fab Feathy Team.

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Community Plan, Community Led Development Programme Application & Community Meeting

Kia ora

We are excited to announce an exciting development for Fab Feathy and the Featherston Community!

As you may know, Fab Feathy has been working to submit an application for Featherston to be selected for five years of  investment, from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)’s Community Led Development Programme, to achieve our community goals. If selected, Featherston will be able to access support and funding to achieve shared community goals for five years.

Invites only – and Featherston’s been invited!

Fab Feathy was working towards submitting an application in the next general application round in February 2018. Featherston is so awesome, however, that we have been invited to apply to an extraordinary round, closing 24 August 2017. It is an amazing opportunity and we are going for it!

We have been invited to apply because Fab Feathy can demonstrate how much support there is in our community to get together to talk about our goals and to work together to achieve them.

This support is demonstrated, for example, by the number of people/groups who are already working together and doing great things in Featherston. It is also evidenced in the numbers of community members that participated in Fab Feathy’s activities, such as the Potluck and the Our Future Featherston Survey. We could not have done this without you!

If our application is successful, DIA will partner with us for five years and, once the partnership agreement is in place, we will be able to request funding to achieve community goals.

The community plan

Fab Feathy has developed a community plan based on the feedback gathered from the community. The plan provides a summary of:

  • the opportunities the community had to provide feedback;
  • the results of the activities to gather community feedback;
  • community conversations about how the community works together and with stakeholders toward achieving community aspirations; and
  • proposed next steps actions.

Have a good read of it and let us know if you spot any mistakes. Please feel free to share it with others; paper copies are also available to read at the Featherston Community Centre, the Featherston Library, and Loco Coffee & Books.

The plan is intended to be a living document; we consider it a community resource that can continue to be adapted to suit community needs and priorities.


Community Meeting: DIA assessment of our application

DIA is coming to town to talk to Fab Feathy and community members about the application. The purpose of the meeting is for DIA to gauge whether or not Featherston is ready to be selected for the CLD Programme.

To be selected, we will need to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the principles of community-led development in Featherston.

We will be asking people in the community, those with knowledge and can speak to particular points of interest to DIA, to support us to have those conversations.

We hope you can come along to show your support for the plan and the application to CLDP.

  • Sunday 27 August 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Kiwi Hall
  • Tea, coffee & biscuits provided
  • Contact us on

Fingers crossed it all goes well, and that we will be a step closer, when we next do an update, to Featherston securing some resourcing to support us to work together towards our goals.


The Fab Feathy Team.


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Fab Feathy July/August update

Kia ora

It’s been a while. Over the Winter months, Fab Feathy has been beavering away working on analysing your feedback. We would like to thank the community again for your contributions so far to the community-led development project that Fab Feathy has been facilitating in Featherston. We were blown away we are by the depth of thought that has gone into your ideas for enhancing the future of our community.

We received 205 responses to the Our Future Featherston survey, and great turnouts to the community potluck dinner (April) and afternoon tea (May), and around 450 suggestions posted onto notice boards around town. These are the results of the Our Future Featherston Survey and a Summary of Themes from all of the community input are attached.

All the community input is currently being developed into a proposed community plan, soon to be made available.

We hope this plan will support us work together and that it will help the Featherston community secure long-term government support to achieve our community goals.

We will send a separate message out soon to ask people to put their hands up to help keep the ball rolling on exciting developments.

Please think about how you can contribute your skills and time to ensuring that our vibrant town can reap the benefits of community-led development. 

Thanks from Fab Feathy!

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‘Have a Go Week’ in Featherston!

Between 5-11 September people in Featherston are invited to Have a Go at trying or learning something new. The Featherston Community Centre has joined forces with Wairarapa REAP, Literacy Wairarapa, and an amazing range of adult learning providers and volunteer groups who already offer opportunities to learn something new - right here in Featherston.

On Tuesday 6th & Thursday 8th September you can pop by the Menz Shed in Featherston on Fox Street for a look-see, or have a go at a small project. On Monday 5th you can pop by the Centre to join the Monday Drop-In Knitting & Crafts Group working on their projects, and also find out more about the Featherston Footprints. On Tuesday, you can have a go at doing some art with Juesday Art, on Wednesday 7th, you can join Literacy Wairarapa and check out Pathways Ararua - a great tool for literacy, numeracy and learning the Road Code! Later, you can try out the Ukulele with the Ukulele group. And finally, on Friday 9th September, you can pop by the Needlework and Craft Drop-In - for a little taster session in knitting or a look-see of their many wonderful projects. It's all for free - and it often comes with a nice hot cuppa.

Check out the local timetable so you can get planning! Make sure you email the Centre or call 06 308 8239 to let us know that you might be coming. And check out the Wairarapa-wide Have a Go timetable - lots more things to try out!

The Have a Go Week is part of a nationwide campaign called ‘Learning Nation’, and a focus for this year’s celebration of Adult Learning. It acknowledges that lifelong learning is vital for a rich, rewarding life and worthy of a conversation. Adult Learners’ Week/He Tangata Mātauranga, celebrates all adult learning, whether it’s up skilling for a better job, preparing for further study, improving life skills or having fun. Every year thousands of ACE providers, educators, learners and supporters organise a huge range of events to highlight the value of adult learning.

One of the highlights of the week is the presentation of a range of awards. The awards - including Outstanding Adult Learner and Exceptional Adult Educator Award - recognise and celebrate the full variety of contributors to adult learning; the learners, educators and providers.

If you know someone in your local community that deserves this award; someone who is really trying hard to pick up new skills that can help them progress and reach their goals, even turn their lives around - or someone who is an exceptional educator, please take the opportunity to nominate. The deadline for nominations of local awards for learners and educators closes 29 August.

If you would like to nominate someone, to find more information about making a nomination, or find more information on Adult Learners Week, go to

Alternatively, download the nominations forms and awards information and guide to nominating. Please email your nominations to by 29 August 2016.

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Activities Wishlist Survey

We are launching our 2016 Activities Wishlist Survey.

This is a great opportunity for YOU to tell us what you would like to do, learn, and see happen at the Centre. It will only take a few minutes - we promise :). The information we receive from the survey will help us understand our community, and allow us to bring new services to the Centre, and to secure the funding that keeps the Centre open.

UPDATE: This survey has been extended and will run until 31 October. While the survey is open, please take advantage of it and provide your feedback straight into the survey. This ensures that the your suggestions are recorded, and that the information will reach us. (The survey only takes about 2-3 minutes, and it collects the data for us automatically). Thank you.

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2016 Annual General Meeting – 27 July – 7:30pm

It is that time of year when the Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust is holding their AGM. This is a chance to meet with the Board of Trustees who will share the financial and performance statements for the past year. There will not be any resolutions or voting at the AGM, but there will be opportunity to ask questions, to learn about the Community Centre and to share ideas for the future.

Following the presentations by the Board, we will be delighted to present our special guest speaker, Peter Biggs. Peter is a visionary and a true friend of Featherston. As chair of Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, Peter will speak to us about what he sees for the Future of Featherston. As always, the fire will be on and we will close the evening with a light supper.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at the Centre or serving on the board, we’d be happy to talk with you about this at the AGM. RSVP by 6pm Friday 22 July to or 06 308 8239.

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Wairarapa Art Sale 2016 – a great success!

Wairarapa Art Sale 2016 – a great success!

The Wairarapa Art Sale was a great success for the Centre and our local artists! More than 130 works were on display over the weekend, and with over 70 art works sold, we fundraised well over $2000 for the Centre! We also had a ball on the opening night - what a lovely community Featherston is!!!

We want to thank all Wairarapa Art Sale Exhibiting Artists who exhibited their work, and all our wonderful Volunteers & Sponsors who helped make this a very successful event! We also want to thank Geoff Wooles for providing a wonderful landscape design for the Centre - which is the project for which we are currently fundraising for. Thank you also to everyone who commented on the plan and provided ideas for the project!

Thank you!!!... and let's do it again next year!

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Wairarapa Community Preparedness Training

What would you and your family do in the event of an earthquake or other disaster? Do you know your local hazards? How can you work with your community to get through a disaster?

Wairarapa Community Preparedness Training: Sunday 13th and 20th March 2015 9am-3pm, Greytown Town Centre (WBS Room), 89 Main Street, Greytown. To find our more or to register for a course check out the Wairarapa Community Preparedness flyer.

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Join Burton Trent for Open Mic Event on Waitangi Day

Burton Trent and friends are offering an open mike day on Feb 6th. Come and have a sing and we will back you. Be there early (noon) if you need us to work out a song for you. Note, it is a non-alcohol event.

Where? The Featherston Community Centre, 14 Wakefield Street, Green Street Gates. Gold coin entry or a donation to help pay for the venue.

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Featherston Community Garden Group

The Featherston Community Garden group is a group of volunteer 'Gardeners' who have come together to grow, build and educate a community in producing their own food. The Featherston Community Centre is very excited to have this group at the Centre, and we can't wait to see the results!

Meeting times

At the moment the Featherston Community Garden group mets regularly on an informally basis for weeding, digging and cleaning up the Community Centre grounds. If you want to be included in the next clean up, please email Elsa at so you can be added to our email list. The next 'sit down' meeting is penciled in for the 9th February at the Community Centre at 7.30pm.

Contact: Elsa Kelly,, 021 263 9403 or join Featherston Community Garden on Facebook.

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Season Greetings and Centre Christmas Closure Dates

The Centre will be closed Thursday, 24 December 2015 through to Sunday, 10 January 2016. Please note: Wed 23 December, the Centre is open for pre-scheduled appointments, but we may not be here if you turn up unannounced.

We open as normal Monday 11 January 2016

Contact for more information. Please also read about all of our wonderful supporters in our Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 Newsletter.

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Featherston White Ribbon Event

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the Featherston White Ribbon event on 25 Nov happen! It was amazing to see the support in the community, and so many people enjoying themselves at Clifford Square, that afternoon, bringing blankets, taking part in hoola hooping and Ki O Rahi, eating many a sausage or other yummy foods, and listening to the great performances. We recorded MANY (number tbc) signatures taking the pledge to condemn violence towards women.

(All photos by Siv B. Fjaerestad)

Thank you to:

Sponsors/donations/equipment/assistance: Beehive, Breadcraft,  City Care, Colin Olds (generator), Connecting Communities Wairarapa, Family Works, Featherston Community Centre, Featherston Lions Club, Featherston Menz Shed, Featherston’s Own Charitable Trust, Featherston Youth Programme, Hi-Tech, Katie Beattie & Emily Greenberg (rope & sacks), Ron Hughes and Featherston Athletics/Rugby/Schools, RD1,Trust House, Gerry Brooking and Violence Free Wairarapa, White Ribbon NZ

Key Organisers: Brenden Saayman, Reanne Tawharu and the Featherston Youth Programme, Naomi Oliver and Family Works, Robyn Ramsden and Connecting Communities Wairarapa, Siv B. Fjaerestad and Featherston Community Centre

Programme contributors (art, music, spoken word, Ki O Rahi, hooping): DJ AaronC, Featherston Youth Programme, Jeremy Logan (White Ribbon Ambassador), Lucy Cooper and Coops Hoops, Mike Ledingham, Saali Marks, Simon Fleck, Siv B. Fjaerestad

Technical support:  Aaron Cross, John Henderson

Poster design: Chris Miller

Painting and installation: Siv B. Fjaerestad, Hal Jones (volunteer), Brenden Saayman (volunteer)

Volunteers (flyers and on site volunteers): Cindy Gillies-Adams, Dan Wilmott, Debbie Malneek, Jocelyn Konig, Martin Turner (FW), Michael Dew (FW), Nici Nixon (FW), Tara Johnson, the youth from FYP and beyond.

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Cooking like your Nana!

Click to see full poster

Cooking like your Nana is a course with all the goodness and know-how of your Nana, that offers simple, YUMMY recipes for families.  This is happening Thursdays 5-26th Nov, 10am-12.30pm.

Making the stress of 5pm disappear, providing new ideas, great companionship and a delicious meal at the end of it! What's not to love? Bring a friend, and if you have small children, let us know. $2 per person, per session. Get in quick: classes limited to 6 people. Call 06 308 8239 or e-mail to register by 23 October. Brought to us by Supergrans in partnership with the FCC!

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Featherston Toy Library Re-opens this Sunday at the Centre!

Featherston Toy Library Re-opens this Sunday at the Centre!

Toy Library Opening & Car Boot Sale: 11 Oct. 10am-12noon. The Featherston Toy Library is celebrating the opening of the new Toy Library premises with sausage sizzle, morning tea, free give-aways for the kids including kids face painting. A balloon artist will be making animals for the children!

For just $5 per stall, you can come and sell your wares. Proceeds to the Toy Library. Come along, grab a bargain and join in the fun!

For more info contact May Brown 06 308 6912, the Centre 06 308 8239, or Featherston Toy Library Facebook.

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New Courses at the Centre

Want to learn a new skill such as butchering or upholstery? Want to sit your Learner Licence? Want to get back to work, or get some support with your job seeking? And there's more! Thanks to Wairarapa REAP we have a suite of exiting new courses happening at the Centre. These include...

  1. Making Ends MeetThis fabulous 8 week long course includes basic hairdressing, home butchery, upholstery, home made cleaning products, composting, gardening, and more. Tuesdays, 4 August onwards: 9.30am-12.30pm, $10 per person and bring your little ones with you.
  2. S.T.E.P.SA new course offering valuable Skills & Tips for Employment, Planning and Success. Starting Monday 14 September, 9am-1pm, for 5 weeks. This course will give individuals some tools and tips to; identify your strengths, set goals, plan for the future, make key decisions, budgeting, managing debt, create a CV and prepare for job interviews.
  3. Learner Licence for 16/17 year olds!If you are 16 or 17 years old and want to learn the Road Code and gain confidence to successfully sit and pass the Learner Licence test, this is the course for you! 7-8 October, 10am-1pm (school holidays), $140 (includes test fee!)
  4. Learner Licence for 18 years and over! If you are 18 years old and over, and want to learn the Road Code, gain confidence to successfully sit and pass the Learner Licence test, this is the course for you! 19-22 October, 6-9pm, Cost: $100 (includes test fee)

If you have any questions or want to register, contact 0800 WAIREAP, or call the Centre on 06 308 8239, or contact the Centre Manager.

We are also delighted to announce that Te Reo Maori Taster Course continues every Tuesday 6-8pm. Also, if you want to learn sign language, do a photography or iPad workshop, learn sewing basics or fly-tying - then contact 0800WaiREAP or the Centre at 06 308 8239.

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Annual General Meeting 2015: 30 July, 7.30-9pm

At the AGM, the Board will share the financial statement and report on the great things that have been achieved by the Centre and Board over the past year.  It will also be a time to learn about the Centre, share ideas and to hear about opportunities to volunteer or serve on the Board.

As guided by our new constitution, there will not be any resolutions or voting at the AGM. Agenda papers are available at the Centre and on Website address below. A light supper will be served after the meeting.

Please RSVP by 6pm Monday 27 July 2015 to or or call 06 308 8239.

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