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The Featherston Community Centre provides a community space for services, ongoing or one-off events, activities and classes for public and private users and promotes a high level of well-being in the Community by acting as a pivot in the co-ordination and delivery of appropriate services to the people of Featherston and throughout the South Wairarapa.


The Featherston Community Centre enhances the well-being of the entire community.

Portrait of Siv Fjærestad

Siv Fjærestad (Centre Manager)


Centre Manager

Siv Beate Fjærestad has been the Centre Manager since May 2012.
As Manager of the Centre, her role is to focussed on the day-to-day running of the Centre. This includes administering and scheduling bookings, managing day to day finances and assisting the Board with funding applications, networking with providers and community groups, co-ordinating the Centre's volunteers, organising the maintenance and upkeep of the premises, and overseeing the Centre's programme of activities and our online presence, and generally tending to anything else required in the running of a successful community centre.

Originally from Norway, Siv has a strong background in the arts and spent time managing a successful art space and gallery in Wellington before shifting to Featherston in 2010 to start a family. When Siv is not at the Centre, she works as an artist, blogger and collaborator.
Siv is also a founding member of the Fab Feathy Steering Group and is currently the creative lead of the Donald's Creek Restoration Project (a local initiative by St Teresa's student kaitiaki).

Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust Board:

The Board meets monthly. Its purpose is to set the vision, mission and direction for the Centre and determine how the Centre should operate by way of policy. Its role also includes overseeing financial matters such as budgeting and funding.

We strive for a Board that reflects the diversity of the community and the needs of the Trust. The Trust constitution allows a maximum of nine board members with provision to co-opt 2 additional members for special, short term projects.

If you feel strongly about supporting the Featherston Community and would like to investigate what board membership entails, please contact the board chair, Paul Mason at 027 282 8201 for information.

The current members of the board are Paul Mason (Chair), Maud Bot (treasurer), Rupert Watson, Patsy Wooles,  Marika Stubbs and Michael Schaefer.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason (Chairman)

Paul Mason:

Paul Mason - I've always been impressed with how the Community Center services the community, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the Board; It's a great opportunity make a difference to our community and to help keep the Center thriving.

I'm a keen musician and enjoy entertaining in aged care facilities and other venues around the Wairarapa, singing and playing everything from Jazz and blues to country and classics. This year (2019-2020), I'm President of the South Wairarapa Rotary Club. I work with Kuranui College students as a driving mentor, helping these people gain a driving licence so they can better progress and contribute to the community and to their families.

I also assist St John in the Wairarapa, both as an Area Committee member for Featherston, and by driving the Health shuttles.

Maud Bot

Maud Bot - Treasurer

Maud Bot:

I am newly moved to Featherston and being a Board member is a great way to meet new people and give back my skills and time. I am positively surprised with the professionalism I found in the Community Centre. It is a great asset for the region. In my free time I am small-time farmer. I love being part of the Wairarapa.

Rupert Watson

Rupert Watson (Board Member)

Rupert Watson:

Rupert is a valuable Board member and a Feldenkrais instructor at the Centre. This gentle movement class offers a range of benefits for your body and nervous system. Rupert is also a musician and accomplished athlete in cross country, racewalking and track and field.

Patsy Wooles

Patsy Wooles (Committee Member)

Patsy Wooles:

Patsy Wooles - I enjoy being on the Board and appreciate the Centre's value to the wider community. During the last eighteen months I've focused on staffing and supporting Siv in her role as the Centre's manager. We are always looking for VOLUNTEERS! I love living in Featherston and appreciate the diversity of people and our many talents.

Marika Stubbs (Board Member)

Marika Stubbs:

I am a Registered Nurse and medical student. I see the role of the Community Centre as an important place for community to come together to share interests, learn new skills and maintain social ties. My favorite thing about being on the Board is feeling a sense of contributing to our community and meeting new people - especially the amazing volunteers.

Rebecca Macfie- Board member

Bex Macfie

The Community Centre is a wonderful asset for our community and I am very pleased to be able to serve on the Board as part of the governance team. I have experience in fundraising for charities and look forward using these skills to help a local charity doing such important work for the community.