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Are you looking for somewhere in Featherston to:

  • provide a service?
  • use as an office space?
  • hold a fitness class?
  • run a course?
  • teach a night class?
  • meet with your special interest group?
  • hold an event?
  • conduct a meeting?
  • run a workshop or seminar?
  • celebrate something?

Rates Schedule

User type and description Rates Sat-Sun
Meeting place: groups or individuals who use the Centre's rooms as a meeting or activity space $2 per participant
(per 1-3 hours)
Not-for-profit Organisations offering services to the community against small or no fees in line with the FCC mission $10 /hour
$28 /half day
$50 /full day
Small Businesses and Individuals who charge participants fees to offer a service to the community (e.g. class, workshop, instruction) in line with the FCC mission -
$40 /half day
$80 /full day
Government and Commercial Meetings, workshops and seminars $24 /hour
$65 /half day
$115 /full day
  • Rates are per room. Use of kitchen facility is generally included by arrangement.
  • Half a day is up to 4 hours.  Full day is up to 12 hours.
  • All multi-day or multi-room bookings require a bond of $60; non-refundable if cancelling less than 14 days prior to booking date.
  • All bookings are subject to cancellation fees – please refer to agreement for details.  All rooms subject to availability.

How to book a room:

  1. Decide what room you would like to book.  A description of the rooms available and photos can be found by clicking HERE  Costs may be found in the rates schedule on this page.
  2. Check room availability on the calendar below.
  3. Send in your booking request using the booking form at the bottom of the page.

Once you have sent us your booking request we will confirm the booking by email within 2 workings days.  If the booking is not possible we will contact you to discuss and hopefully be able assist you in finding an alternative room that is suited to your needs and explain the facilities we can offer.

If your booking need is urgent or you don't have an email then please call the Centre on 06 308 823.  Please note that the office is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm weekdays only.  You can also contact the Centre by sending an email to

Still have questions?  Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs



Health and Safety and Child Protection

We take Health and Safety and child protection seriously at the Community Centre and all users must abide by our policies.  Click on the link for a printable copy of our policies:

Health and Safety Policy pdf

Child Protection Policy pdf

Room availability Calendar

Online Booking Request Form

Please fill out the form below to request a booking and we will email you back within two working days.
Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions in the venue hire agreement. This document explains a few things about the venue, how cancellations work and discusses how we can help you advertise your activity. Please read this before you fill out this form.

NOTE: The Community Centre office is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm weekdays only.
Bookings and enquiries will be processed within two business days.
If your booking is more urgent than this, please call 06 308 8239 between 9am-3pm Monday to Friday.

Your Name

Company/Organisation (if applicable)

Postal Address

Your phone number

Your Email

Purpose (description of event/activity/service)

Hirer Description

Room/s Needed (click here for room descriptions)
To select multiple rooms, hold Control (mac - Command) and click on each room required

Date Needed (dd/mm/yyyy)

Start Time (including setup)

Finish Time (including packup)

Other Information:


I agree to the T&Cs and I have read and agree to comply with the Centre's Health & Safety Policy and the Child Protection Policy

I agree to make arrangements with the Centre during business hours 9am-3pm Monday to Friday to pick up keys if the booking falls outside of normal opening hours

I understand that booking requests will be processed during business hours only and may take up to 2 business days to be confirmed. If my booking is more urgent than this, I will contact the Centre office between 9am-3pm (Monday to Friday).