We will invoice you at the end of the month unless you are classed as a group needed a space when you can collect $2 per person (for a gathering of up to 3 hours) and pay in cash on the day.


Rates are per room.  Use of kitchen facility is generally included by arrangement.  Half a day is up to 4 hours. Full day is up to 12 hours.





Meeting place: groups or individuals who use the Centre’s rooms as a meeting or activity space $2 per participant
(per 1-3 hours)
Not-for-profit Organisations offering services to the community against small or no fees in line with the FCC mission $10 /hour
$28 /half day
$50 /full day
Small Businesses and Individuals who charge participants fees to offer a service to the community (e.g. class, workshop, instruction) in line with the FCC mission $11 /hour
$35 /half day
$65 /full day

$40 /half day
$80 /full day
Government and Commercial Meetings, workshops and seminars $22 /hour
$65 /half day
$110 /full day
$28 /hour
$80 /half day
$135 /full day
All multi-day or multi-room bookings require a bond of $60; non-refundable if cancelling less than 14 days prior to booking date.

All bookings are subject to cancellation fees – please refer to agreement for details.  All rooms subject to availability.