Room booking calendar

How to use the calendar

The calendar shows each of our six available rooms (names across the top).  click/tap on a name to see a picture and description.

Existing bookings appear as white boxes with a blue stripe in the body of the calendar.

You cannot add your booking using this calendar, only discover which rooms are available on the dates you are looking at.

  • Select DAY on the top left of the calendar and the date you want to see.
  • Use the DAY/MONTH/GRID/LIST buttons on the top left of the calendar to toggle and search.
  • To select a specific space to view, choose it from the ‘spaces’ dropdown (top right)

Note: If you do click on the calendar, it will request a log in.  Just close this dialogue box (the cross on the top right corner) if it pops up, and continue on.

When you’re ready to book a space, check out the rates or go to the booking form