Change to ownership of the Building?

What’s happening?

The Board of the Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust have opened a discussion with the Featherston Community Board and the South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC), about the possibility of the Council taking formal ownership of the Community Centre building.

  1. We have proposed that the Trust gift the Featherston Community Centre building to the SWDC in return for immediate significant investment in new and upgraded facilities to be funded from the sale of the Fitzherbert Street property, and a long-term peppercorn rent.
  2. We are asking that the SWDC take financial responsibility for upgrades to, and ongoing maintenance of, the property while the Featherston Community Centre Trust would continue to market, manage and grow the community services.

If this proposal is successful, we will work closely with the Council to help make the Community Centre relevant for current and future users.

We see this as the beginning of a negotiation process, and our aim throughout will be to protect the Centre and our users. For more information, please check our Email to the Community

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