Fab Feathy Community-led Development Update

Over the past few months, Fab Feathy has been beavering away, setting up systems and processes to support community-led development (CLD) in Featherston.
Fab Feathy is pleased to welcome two new Steering Group members, Dannii Sargent and Te Ata Rodgers, and we would like to thank Kara Pennington for her wonderful work for the Fab Feathy group, and wish her the best for all her future ventures.

But here are the most exciting news: three Fab Feathy facilitators have been employed to keep up the Fab Feathy momentum and work with the community to set up some of the projects in the Community Plan.

The facilitators are Alexa Belavskis, Anne Nelson and Jack Sheppard. They are each working 20 hours per week and have been hired using funding from the Department of Internal Affairs’ community-led development scheme.

They’re based at the Featherston Community Centre, so please knock on their door and say hello if you are in – or catch them at the Pot Luck Dinner on 29 July. They’ll be keen to hear which projects in the community plan you think are a priority for Featherston – and to learn more about the ideas behind some of them.

You can follow Fab Feathy on Facebook: facebook.com/fabfeathy – or flick the facilitators an email: anne.n@fabfeathy.nz and jack.s@fabfeathy.nz


Meet the Fab Feathy Facilitators


Jack studied Chinese at Victoria University and after graduating, was lucky enough to work at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai Expo as operations manager for the NZ project. More recently he worked as a project manager in the Chinese aviation and video games sectors. Chris Miller’s beautiful, quirky and engaging flyers drew Jack into the Fab Feathy survey and Pot Luck event last year. There, he found the wealth of ideas and passion for the community to be infectious and knew it was something he wanted to be part of.


Anne has mostly worked in communications – and specialises in digital comms. She has also picked apples and driven tractors, worked for the Sallies and the IHC, and taught English in Japan. She wanted to be part of Fab Feathy because the opportunity to make a difference is important to her – and she really enjoys being involved in volunteering and community project

Keep your ear to the ground – more updates to follow about the upcoming Community Potluck on 29 July very shortly.

Fab Feathy.

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